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About Us

Epperly | Elam is founded on a simple premise: use the law as a proactive measure to innovate and explore opportunities for clients rather than just as a reactive measure to fix problems after they arise. Beau Epperly and Robert Elam met early in their careers while working as associates at a well-regarded law firm in San Francisco. Both ambitious and forward-thinking, they recognized that technology is leveling the vertical hierarchy and disrupting the assembly-line approach to practicing law.  It's creating a flatter landscape connected by innovation and creative problem solving. There is a better way to practice law. 

The firm believes that its greatest asset is the ability of its lawyers to think critically, communicate effectively, and to act deliberately on behalf of the clients they represent. This is the fabric of the firm's culture. Our particular brand of law is not for everyone because we believe in delivering a bespoke legal product to individual clients - based on their particular needs.  We do not believe a lawyer's role is to mindlessly copy and paste from documents of year's past.

The genesis for this cultural belief: the Running of the Bulls. It was there that Beau and Bobby discussed their shared philosophy on the practice of law. The running itself would prove a metaphor Beau and Bobby's approach to their practice: to act courageously, to remain honest with yourself and with your partner, and to use critical thinking, instead of fear, in challenging situations to guide your decisions.  In law, these virtues are essential. Read more about the: Running of the Bulls