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Corporate and Real Estate Transactions

Our corporate law group uses its comprehensive understanding of statutory law and governmental regulations to assist clients in setting and achieving their goals within the bounds of the law. We are guided both by practical goals and intellectual curiosity. So we constantly strive to find ways to gain competitive advantages. And by diving deeper into our practice areas – contract law, tax law, accounting, securities law, bankruptcy, intellectual property rights, licensing, zoning laws, and other regulations relating to a specific area of business – we offer critical thought on addressing opportunity. That is, we seek out ways to offer our clients new ways to use loopholes and take advantage of evolving policy favorable to business, rather than just being passive “handmaidens” of the deal.  Corporations, LLCs, and partnerships alike are the subject of the large body of law. That body of law is the principal focus of our firm’s corporate practice.

The Epperly | Elam real estate transaction team is led by founding-partner Bobby Elam.  His family’s experience with real estate transactions stretches back five generations; full of real estate broker and property manager heritage. Bobby, a real-estate broker himself, and his team bring a practical and pragmatic approach to the real estate legal practice.  They see changes on “main street” before structuring deals on California Street (the firm’s headquarters).